Sponsor a child

 Sponsor a child

You can make a difference if you sponsor a child:

  • Sponsorship for one orphan 22 us-dollar/75.000 ugs/150 kr. a month for 12 month.
  • Payment all for one year 1800 kr. or each quarter at 450 kr. 
  • A Sponsorship covers the Schoolfee. 2 Uniforms, Socks and a Sweater. Book package. Food for lunch. Transport to and from School.


Uganda Pay: BIC SWIFTCODE: SBICUGKXX   Account no: 9030015818068   Account name: Mak-Jolly Kindergarten and Primary School

(Stanbic Bank, Kigumba, Uganda)

Mobile Money Uganda +256 782720955

Denmark Pay: Bank:  Reg.no.: 1569  Ac.no.: 001436244  (NB: Note: "Mak-Jolly sponsorchild number")

Mobile Pay Denmark: +45 94743  (NB: Note: "Mak-Jolly sponsorchild number")


Sponsorship see under contact

Mobile Money Uganda + 256 782720955

Donate Money to: BIC SWIFTCODE: DABADKKKHBK  Reg.no.: 4398  Ac.no.: 4691183548

Mobile Pay Denmark: +45 52 73 27 80

You can see the donations we already achieved here.

We thank you for your sponsorship and may God bless you.