Our mission

To improve on childhood learning methods in Kiryandongo district; to ensure wholistic pupils through Christian outlook and values through quality teaching and guided learning discovery by actively encouraging the learner during the learning process, in a friendly learning atmosphere.

Our goals

To popularise early education among the children and the community.

To encourage learning through evolvement and /or natural curiosity of a child.

To encourage a child to become an intelligent and active explorer with the discipline to, overcome obstacles with confidence and imagination.

To negate the negative attitude of pupils and parents towards education.

To encourage parents to be optimistic about their children’s performance.

To equip children with confidence to share their abilities with the rest of the world.

To encourage teachers to recognize individual ability differences among learners and not use, “one sit fits all” approach of teaching.

To help a child be a creative thinker who finds happiness through self-achievement and helping others to achieve their goals.

Our vision

To be a model of excellence in early childhood growth and/or education in Kiryandongo and surrounding regions; by providing quality teaching, encouraging creativity, teamwork, and professionalism in responding to both pupils and community needs.