You can make a difference if you support us and contribution of any kind is highly welcome in the following areas:

  • Sponsorship for one orphan 22 us-dollar/75.000 ugs/150 Danish kroner per month for 12 month or 1800 Danish kroner once for a year
  • Land for football and athletics 22.000 Danish kroner/3200 us-dollar
  • Sponsor a meal for lunch with Meat 140 us-dollar/450.000 ugs/900 Danish kroner
  • Sponsor fruit for a day 150.000 ugs/300 Danish kroner/46 us-dollar
  • Fence 4.000 Danish kroner/600 us-dollar
  • Sanitary pads for girls about 100 for 700 Danish kroner/100 us-dollar/350.000 ugs for one month
  • Camp for scouts 3.000 Danish kroner/450 us-dollar
  • Tents for scouts. One tent 700 Danish kroner/100 us-dollar/350.000 ugs
  • A new school van (mini bus)
  • Tyres and fuel for the van (mini bus)
  • Sponsor to pay a teacher 75 us-dolllar/225.000 ugs/450 Danish kroner per month
  • Sponsorship for a Christmas Party or Sports day
  • Give things we can sell and the money goes to the school
  • Catering for school needs for the orphans and needy children
  • Solar
  • Clean Water, Watertank
  • Construction of new Toilets for kindergarten
  • Construction of new Bathroom for girls boardingsection 25.000 Danish kroner/3.700 us-dollar
  • Construction of a Dining place 30.000 Danish kroner/4.400 us-dollar
  • Computers
  • Phones
  • Uniforms, Sports uniforms, Socks
  • Toys, Swings, Balls, footballs
  • Children’s Books
  • Bibles
  • Mosquito nets for the children
  • Blankets/ Towels
  • School Bags
  • Shoes, Football Boots
  • Beds
  • Mattresses
  • Chairs
  • Tables, desks
  • Kitchen stuff, pots
  • Pencils, Pens, Colours
  • Firewood
  • Food: Milk, Bread, Rice, Tea, Sugar, Cooking oil, Eggs
  • Soap, Toilet paper
  • Volunteering to either teach or take care of the children
  • Garden Tools: Lawn mower, Slashers, Hoes
  • Garden maintance: Ploughing, Planting, Weeding, Harvest

Donate see under contact

Uganda: Donate Money to: BIC SWIFTCODE: SBICUGKXX  Account no.: 9030015818068   Account name: Mak-Jolly Kindergarten and Primary School (Stanbic Bank, Kigumba, Uganda)

Mobile Money Uganda +256 782720955

Denmark: Donate Money to: Bank 1569 0001436244  (NB: Note: "Mak-Jolly school, Uganda")

Mobile Pay Denmark: +45 94743  (NB: Note: "Mak-Jolly school, Uganda")

You can see the donations we already achieved here.

We thank you for your donation and may God bless you.